Saturday, January 8, 2011

SoundGirl - I'm the Fool

~Pop Song of the Day #71~

Meet SoundGirl, an up-and-coming UK girl group composed of Little Nikki, Izzy B, and Olivia. I actually featured SoundGirl last post- along with a bunch of other girl groups that are up-and-coming in the UK. I really like this song (obviously), because SoundGirl sounds like they really have their own distinct style. If you want to hear more, there are a couple of more full songs posted on their Youtube page (Walking on Air and the Game). Personally, I love all three of the songs that they've posted so far, and can't wait till their debut album comes out. Go check them out! (Sorry this post is short, but being a new group, their official page & Myspace don't give a lot of info yet.)

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